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A loss of power can be much more than an inconvenience. It can cause serious damage to your home or business and can pose a security risk as well to your property and or family. Frequent power outages are caused by severe weather producing high winds, heavy snow, ice storms, falling trees and electrical storms. They are also caused by grid over load, utility brown outs, vehicle accidents and equipment failures. In recent years the outages have been increasing in length do to the severity of the storms we have experienced and the limited repair resources of the power companies. Outages of 1-3 days are not uncommon and some last much longer.

Emergency power systems provide year round protection and security for your business, home and family, automatically 24/hours a day, 7/days a week. Emergency power systems can provide power to critical systems you may need in an emergency such as heating, cooling, well water, lighting, septic/sump pumps, security systems, media information, computers, life supporting medical equipment and handicapped assistance equipment. They also add resale value to your property and give you peace of mind knowing that your family and property are protected in the event you are away.

Wright Design has extensive experience with systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. We have provided systems from small air cooled units of 7kw to 20kw to liquid cooled units from 15kw to 150kw, and units of 200kw, 250kw, 400kw, 750kw and 1500kw for commercial / industrial customers.

We offer a turn key solution from site review, proper unit sizing, site preparation, delivery and installation, electrical connections, gas piping, permits, inspections, system start up testing and complete customer orientation. We also provide yearly maintenance plans to keep your system in top running condition. Wright Design is an authorized Generac dealer however we also work with CAT, Katolight, Onan and Kohler.

If you are looking for a professionally installed Emergency Stand-By Power System.... Before you sign...... call Wright Design!
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20 kw Home stand by unit can power most homes up to 2400 sq/ft
27-45kw large home / light commercial property

7kw Home stand by unit to power the basic items
60kw very large home or commercial property